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Member Stories

Unbelievable Service and Savings

Karen C is a patient service specialist at UTMB in Galveston, specializing in mental health for youth. She became a Member in 2014 when she and her husband attended a free UFCU seminar. They joined the credit union, got great advice, and refinanced their home for a savings of over $100,000.

Karen C"I’m a patient service specialist at UTMB, specializing in mental health for youth. I’ve been a UFCU Member since 2014 when I attended a UFCU seminar led by Rosalinda called “Understanding Your Credit Score." My husband and I went to speak with Rosalinda afterward, and she spent a few hours with us, reviewing our credit and our insurance policies. Even for things UFCU couldn’t help us with, Rosalinda confirmed that we had the best rates she could find and gave us great advice.

We ended up opening a checking and savings account, getting a credit card, and consolidating a personal loan with UFCU. We wanted to refinance our mortgage too, but UFCU wasn’t able to refinance homes in Galveston County at that time. Rosalinda recommended calling our current lender and told us exactly what to say, which resulted in our lender dropping our rate. This refinance will ultimately save us over $100,000. What more can I say?

Rosalinda also recommended that we have our insurance policies reviewed. We learned that we already had the best rates, so it didn’t make sense to switch our insurance over to UFCU, but our UFCU representatives still spent a few hours with us to review everything thoroughly and gave us great advice. That’s great service.

I make a point to attend UFCU seminars when I can. They have been extremely informational, and UFCU employees are always available to answer questions privately and within the group. The customer service is unbelievable."

Member Karen C     
Member since 2014
Services Checking, Savings, Credit Card, Personal Loan
Representative Rosalinda N