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The UFCU loan process was as smooth as could be.

I recently did a home loan with UFCU, and it was really great. I first became aware of UFCU after someone told me about the rates and the physician program. My loan application process was as smooth as could be.

Dr. Koushik STo me, there are a couple of things: one is the time required to go through a loan process — you want to get through it as quickly as possible. The other is getting the best rates. With UFCU, I was able to secure competitive rates with several options.

But what I most appreciated about my representative, Tiffany, was that she gave me weekly updates about our progress. I didn’t have to chase her down; she proactively told me where we were that week and what documents I needed. Having my own business with complex financials, it made the challenging loan process a breeze.

Member Koushik S
Member since 2014
Services Mortgage
Representative Tammy L & Tiffany H