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News Releases | May 11, 2009

UFCU’s System Upgrade Is Complete

Austin, TEXAS — May 11, 2009 — University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) completed a system upgrade on Monday, May 11, 2009. UFCU Branches, Call Center, ATMs, Phone Banking, Online Banking, eDeposits, and Bill Pay are now available to serve you.

As a small token of our appreciation for your patience during the system upgrade, we will waive monthly deposit account service fees during the month of May.

General Account Information

Account Numbers

The system upgrade converted all UFCU account numbers to 10-digit account numbers. If your UFCU account number contained fewer than 10 digits, zeros were added to the beginning of your account number.

Account Number Post-System Upgrade Account Number
10 digits....1234567899 10 digits....1234567899
  9 digits......123456789 10 digits....0123456789
  8 digits........12345678 10 digits....0012345678
  7 digits..........1234567 10 digits....0001234567

Share IDs

The system upgrade converted account suffixes to four-digit Share IDs.

Account Type Account Suffix Post-System Upgrade Share ID
Savings 0 0000
Special Savings 1 0010
Money Market 7 0070
Checking 8 0080

Certificate of Deposit account numbers were converted to four-digit Share IDs. Certificate Share IDs begin with 4000, Web Certificate Share IDs begin with 6000 and IRA Certificate Share IDs begin with 2000.

Account Type CD Account Number Post-System Upgrade CD Account Number
1st Certificate (CD) 123456789-12344 0123456789-4000
2nd Certificate (CD) 123456789-12345 0123456789-4001
1st Web Certificate 123456789-57899 0123456789-6000
2nd Web Certificate 123456789-57810 0123456789-6001
1st IRA Certificate 123456789-34567 0123456789-2000
2nd IRA Certificate 123456789-34568 0123456789-2001

Direct Deposits, Automatic Payments, and Transfers

Direct deposits (including payroll deposits, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, or other regular deposits) and existing automatic payments to or from any of your UFCU accounts WERE NOT affected by the system upgrade and will continue to be processed as usual. You do not need to contact any businesses that withdraw or deposit funds from or into your UFCU account. In addition, automatic transfers between your respective UFCU accounts (ex: from your UFCU Checking account to your UFCU Savings account) WERE NOT affected.

Mid-May Dividend Posting

On May 8, 2009, dividends were posted to your qualifying accounts. Dividends will resume posting at the end of each month.


The MICR line on your checks now includes a 13-digit number.

You can continue to use your current checks. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER CHECKS until you deplete your current supply.

Online Banking

  • NEW: Transfer Funds To and From Other Financial Institutions - You have the ability to transfer money to or from your accounts at other financial institutions through UFCU Online Banking.
  • Account Nicknames - Re-establish account nicknames, if any, by selecting Options, then Customize Account Names.
  • Multiple Account Access - Re-establish your Multiple Account Access to those accounts for which you know the Online Banking password by selecting "Options", "Settings" and then "Multi-account access".
  • Online Banking Password Requirements - Any new or changed Online Banking passwords cannot contain either < or >.
  • eStatement Notification - The ability to opt in for a monthly email notification when a new eStatement is available is no longer available within Online Banking.
  • Withdraw by Check - The ability to withdraw funds by check is no longer available within Online Banking.
  • Online Banking History - History prior to the upgrade is available on your eStatements. Select “eDocuments” to view your eStatements.
  • Online Banking Credit Card Payments - Future transfers cannot be scheduled to UFCU Credit Card accounts within Online Banking. You can schedule a future credit card payment from

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security feature that helps ensure only you can access your UFCU accounts through Online Banking. You will be prompted to enroll in UFCU's MFA when you login to Online Banking. Enrollment will require you select and answer four security questions. UFCU's MFA no longer includes your previously-selected image and text phrase.

The new MFA enrollment process will take only a few minutes, with step-by-step instructions presented as you go. If you wish, you may delay your enrollment up to 30 days before you are required to enroll.

Online Banking Account Login

Visit to login to Online Banking. You may login using the same account number (with or without the zero(s) added to the beginning) and password you used before the upgrade.

Money® - Quicken® - QuickBooks® Users

You continue to have the ability to download your UFCU account information into Money, Quicken or QuickBooks. Please see our Personal Finance Managers page for help and additional details.

If you did not complete a transaction download by 5 PM, Friday, May 8, you will need to manually update Money, Quicken or QuickBooks with ALL financial transactions (deposits, withdrawals, ATM transactions, debit transactions) performed since the last time you completed a download prior to the system upgrade.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is now FREE for all members with a UFCU Checking account. Members may enroll by selecting Bill Pay within Online Banking.

You must read the "Enroll in Bill Pay" disclosure on your first login. Select Proceed and your current payees, history and scheduled payments will be available. Current Bill Pay users do not need to re-enter your Bill Pay information.

Loan Information

Automatic Loan Payment Transfers

Automatic loan payments transferred from your UFCU Savings or Checking account are processing normally. Funds will be debited from the designated account and credited to your loan on the date you have specified. If funds are not available in your specified UFCU account on the scheduled automatic loan payment transfer date, the system, for up to 15 days, will check your account for adequate funds in order to post the transaction to your UFCU share secured, Line-of-Credit (LOC), signature or vehicle loan.

Share Secured Loans

Payments made towards share secured loans or certificate secured loans are applied fully to the secured accounts in the order in which they were opened.  For example, if you have a certificate secured loan secured by two certificates, payments will be applied fully to the first certificate opened. Once the first certificate is fully released, payments will be applied to the second certificate.


In mid-May all members will receive an Account Statement. This statement will display your account balance, including dividend payments, through the close of business on May 8. After this special statement, your normal statement schedule will resume.

All statements received in June and beyond will be generated from our upgraded system and will have an improved, easier-to-read format. These enhancements will be evident on both paper statements and eStatements retrieved through Online Banking. You will continue to have access to account history on your eStatements within Online Banking after the system upgrade.

Currently, one year of eStatements and tax forms are available through Online Banking. If you require an older eStatement or tax form, Contact Us by phone or at one of our branches. In the near future, seven years of eStatements and tax forms will be available through Online Banking.