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Letters from the President | May 06, 2010

UFCU launches getREAL financial literacy and consumer advocacy website

If you’ve been a UFCU member for any time at all, you know our passion is to be a trusted financial advisor to you and your family. In fact, that objective is what makes UFCU and other good credit unions different from most financial institutions. It’s the right thing to do. When you, our members, are financially strong, we are strong. We are a better cooperative when you make wise financial decisions.

Beginning January 1, 2010, we’re launching getREAL, a new, unique, and powerful website that elevates UFCU’s consumer advocacy to a much higher level. As Remar Sutton, UFCU’s consumer spokesperson, explains in his column in this newsletter, getREAL is powerful. getREAL contains no ads. getREAL is about advocacy, not selling. The consumer information presented doesn’t mince words on any topic. getREAL’s engaging, clear, and easy to understand content addresses more than UFCU programs and products… getREAL covers anything that impacts your financial well-being.

In addition to regular consumer updates,getREAL provides you online, turnkey programs to FoolProof your kids and grandkids with respect to money management and realities of the free enterprise system. FoolProof Lite offers those under-thirty bite-sized, online training on money issues. FoolProof for Parents and Grandparents uses edgy videos and interactive sections to gain and retain attention of your high school and college-age kids—and sends test results to you!

Check out getREAL and FoolProof now and, if it is what we say it is, bookmark the site and tell your friends and fellow credit union members about this unique new service offered free to all consumers, members or not.

Visit our website at to link to getREAL! Begin by launching the overview video and then explore the feature-rich site that includes videos, podcasts, and member ratings.

I hope each of you and your families had wonderful holidays and that your new year has gotten off to a great start. Thank you for your membership and business! I appreciate you.

Warmest regards,

Tony C. Budet