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Easy to Qualify

UFCU Members can open a Cooperative CD with our partner, Credit Human. All you need is a UFCU checking, savings, or money market account in good standing, with at least $1,005 available to meet the Cooperative CD minimum balance requirement.

During the Credit Human account opening process, your funds (at least $1,005) will be transferred from your UFCU account to your new Credit Human Cooperative CD.

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Simple to Get Started

To open a Cooperative CD and take advantage of higher interest rates, you’ll need to become a Member of Credit Human. It’s quick, easy, and free, and it won’t change your UFCU membership.

Here’s what else you’ll need:

  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Previous addresses (if you've been at your current address fewer than 12 months)
  • Email address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Identification Information (Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID, State ID)
  • UFCU account number (to transfer funds to your new Credit Human account)
  • Beneficiary information (Name, Social Security Number, Address), if you are designating a beneficiary

You can transfer funds online to your new Cooperative CD from any qualified UFCU account, including individual and joint accounts with regular savings, special savings, Money Market savings, free checking, Plus checking, or Premium checking.

Be aware that Credit Human may impose an early withdrawal penalty if you withdraw funds from your account before the maturity date. You can review the rates, fees, and terms applicable to Credit Human accounts in their Truth-in-Savings Disclosure.

Credit Human cannot transfer through their online portal from UFCU Kidz savings, Teen savings, Teen checking, Business checking, CDs, IRAs, Trusts, or Estate accounts. If you'd like to transfer to your Cooperative CD from one of these UFCU account types, please visit a Credit Human location.

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A Partner You Can Trust

Credit Human has operated in the San Antonio area for more than 80 years. Like UFCU, Credit Human is 100% Member-owned, Member-directed, and Member-governed. They demonstrate the same strong credit union values that we do.

Heads Up: One of the many ways to join Credit Human is by becoming a member of the Longhorn Foundation. If you are not already a member of the Longhorn Foundation, we will process your membership for you.

*Rates are offered by Credit Human and are subject to change without notice at any time.

How much will you earn?


This information is provided for illustrative purposes only. Rates are subject to change, and terms may vary based on your individual circumstances.