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Simple and Safe

To access phone banking:

  1. Call one of our local or toll-free numbers (right).
  2. Choose option 2.
  3. Use voice commands or your phone’s keypad to select your task.
  4. When prompted, say or enter your account number and PIN.
  5. Follow instructions to complete your task.

Can’t remember your PIN? Contact us.

Keypad Shortcuts

Phone Banking Reference Sheet
Touch Tone Voice
Press * to repeat what was said Say "repeat"
Press * for the decimal point Say "and" for the decimal point
Press # to go to the previous menu Say "back" to go to the previous menu
To skip introduction: Press 1 then 1 again To skip the introduction: Say "repeat" then when the system asks what you would like to do say "current accounts"

*Telephone transfers are subject to federal Regulation D limitations.

24/7 Phone Banking

Austin: (512) 467-8080
Galveston: (409) 797-3300
US toll-free: (800) 252-8311

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