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Upgrade-Related FAQs

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  • + Will the upgraded Online Banking platform work with my third-party personal finance manager?

    If you are having trouble getting your accounts to sync with Quicken or Quickbooks follow the steps provided in these instructions:

    If you continue to have difficulties after completing the steps, please contact your personal finance manager for further troubleshooting:

    Furthermore, we will continue to work with other personal finance managers to resolve syncing issues as quickly as possible. We will update these FAQs as more information is available.

  • + Why do you have so many requirements for my password?

    Your financial security is of utmost importance to us. The requirements for your password are designed to protect you against unauthorized and fraudulent access to your accounts. Our goal is to ensure that you create a password that will not easily be guessed or "brute-forced" with special software.

    Beyond creating a password that meets our standards, we have several practices we encourage you to follow:

    • Keep your password private. If another party obtains your password, remember they can perform the same transactions you can.
    • Use only known, secure systems and secure Internet connections. Avoid shared, publically accessible systems and public WiFi when accessing Online Banking.
    • Use a unique password. Specifically, do not use the same password for multiple websites. Hackers commonly use breached password lists to gain access to websites.
    • Use a combination of numbers, symbols, punctuation, and upper and lower case alphabetic characters. For example, do not use a word directly from the dictionary without adding additional characters. And do not choose words that use simple substitutions of numbers for letters. For example, Cowboys01 and p@$$w0rd might meet many password complexity requirements, but would not be a strong password. Hackers are aware of these substitution tricks and can easily use software to identify these predictable substitutions and character patterns to guess your password. Moreover, hackers and fraudsters use commonly available lists of millions of breached passwords to guess or "brute-force" passwords.
    • Consider using a secure password manager.
  • + Do you recommend enabling pop-ups?

    There are some features of Online Banking that require pop-ups to be enabled, including access to some linked pages, and viewing or printing some eDocuments, such as eStatements.

    If you do not want to allow pop-ups for all websites, you may add the following sites to your list of Allowed sites via your browser settings:


    To view pop-ups successfully, you must also enable pop-ups on any installed browser toolbars.

  • + Why can’t I enroll or log in to Online Banking?

    Online Banking might be experiencing intermittent issues. If you cannot access Online Banking, you may access your accounts through one of our alternative channels:

Online Banking Just Got Better

Our new Online Banking service is going to transform your banking experience. Log in now and do more online than ever before:

  • Access your UFCU accounts anytime, anywhere.
  • Log in one time, with one user name and password for all of your UFCU accounts.
  • View your accounts via a modern dashboard with personalized access to key features such as Bill Pay, transfers, alerts, and scheduled items.
  • Choose from more options to manage your accounts — the way you like.
  • Take advantage of more and better Bill Pay features, so you can set it and forget it for recurring monthly bills or just make a quick one-time payment when you need to.
  • Rest easy knowing enhanced security technology will keep your accounts safer than ever.

Enroll Today

  1. Visit the Enrollment page.
  2. Enter your UFCU account number and information to identify yourself (either your social security number or date of birth) and click Continue.
  3. Select the method in which you’d like to receive a temporary security code and click Continue.
  4. Enter your temporary security code and choose whether to “remember this computer" and click Continue.
  5. Create your new login ID and password. Before continuing you must view and agree to the terms of use.
  6. View your enrollment confirmation details and click Continue to access Online Banking.